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Blood pressure meter is a diagnostic device for measuring human blood pressure. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and the same effect as the mercury sphygmomanometer. It adopts the design of mercury free, measures blood pressure, is safe and reliable, and is widely used for home users. Precautions for measuring blood pressure: Blood pressure should be measured in a quiet environment. Because the blood pressure of the human body changes throughout the day, you should choose to measure at the same time every day. The person being tested should be quiet in a relaxed state, preferably not talking and activities. It is advisable to wear loose clothes.


Measurement method:

1. Before the blood pressure meter is activated, check it first. The normal blood pressure meter usually refers to the “0” position. After the pressure, the reaction is flexible and can still return to the “0” position.

2. Ask the person to be seated at the table and put the left arm on the table to maintain a comfortable posture.

3. Adjust the arm and be at the same height as the heart. If the height is not enough, you can add a cushion under the arm.

4. Flatten the arm band so that the middle part of the belt is facing the radial artery. The lower edge of the arm band is 2 to 3 cm on the elbow. The upper arm should not be too tight or too loose. Generally, two fingers should be inserted under the sleeve. It is advisable to avoid affecting correctness.

5. Insert the stethoscope's head into the arm band and place it on the elbow's radial artery.

6. Slowly inflate the arm band with the latex ball, and pay attention to the monitoring. When the pulsation of the radial artery disappears, the pressure is increased by 2.5 kPa-4 kPa (20 mmHg-30 mmHg) to stop pumping.

7. After the pressure is stopped, the air in the arm band is slowly released at a rate of 0.3 kPa to 0.6 kPa (2 mmHg to 4 mmHg) per second, and the sphygmomanometer pointer is gradually lowered.

8. The pressure value indicated by the hands when the first beating sound heard by the stethoscope during the descent is the systolic pressure.

9. When the beat sound is gradually increased and then turned into a noise, the tone suddenly becomes boring and gradually disappears. When the sound is not heard, it is diastolic pressure. * When measuring blood pressure, it should be repeated 2 to 3 times, and the average reading will be taken as the blood pressure value. *The back of the blood pressure meter case is equipped with a metal hook, which can be hung on the arm band to make the reading more convenient. *The blood pressure watch arm is equipped with a Velcro strap, which is convenient

MANUAL BP Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure monitor meter

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